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Best Way to Back Up a Computer

Back up a Computer

With the current technological threats to data compromise, it’s important to back up your computer. Even if you’re very careful with how you expose your computer to these threats, there’s always a chance that your hard drive could be exposed to ransomware, viruses, software bugs, or random hardware failure. What’s the best way to back up a computer? Back Up a Computer – Protect Your Personal Files While your system files are relatively easy to restore, your personal files are not. These files are usually irreplaceable, and must be backed up to protect them. You might also consider backing up…

Why You Need Extra Space on Your Hard Drive

extra space on hard drive

When you fill up extra space on your hard drive, you’ll begin to notice a myriad of problems. Not leaving enough extra space on your hard drive can lead to slow performance, programs crashing and the inability to download and install important security updates. How much spare room you’ll need to leave on your hard drive will depend on some factors. How Much Extra Space on Your Hard Drive? On older computers with mechanical hard drives, the rule of leaving 15%-20% was for the purpose of defragmenting your hard drive. Think about organizing a messy room – if there’s not…

Protect Your Privacy – Are Browser Extensions Safe?

Are Browser Extensions Safe

Browser extensions are meant to make internet browsing easier and personalized, but are browser extensions safe? It depends. There are some potentially dangerous implications to consider when installing browser extensions. Extensions Can Be Hijacked – Extensions are vulnerable to hacking. Unseasoned Web Developers may also be unintentionally putting your computer at risk with sloppy code that’s easily hacked, even if the extension’s purpose was not originally malicious. It’s best practice to stay away from browser extensions from non-reputable Web Developers because they are the most vulnerable to being hacked. Extensions Can Be Sold – Let’s say a developer creates an…

I’m Careful Online – Do I Need an Antivirus?

Do I need an antivirus

There are certain habits when using the internet and opening email which can make you significantly more vulnerable to viruses and malware. If you avoid these kinds of risky behaviors, you may be wondering, “Do I need an antivirus?” The answer is yes, you do need an antivirus. Just because you don’t click on strange links, visit sketchy websites, or activate lots of plugins, doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk. Even fully patched, reputable internet browsers can be vulnerable to malware. Security flaws are found all the time and patched once they are found, but this means that there’s always…