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Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Combines Private and Public Cloud Backup

Recently the outages that occurred in Google, O2 and Blackberry are excellent examples of how businesses would suffer if depending entirely on the public cloud for their storage needs. Instead, both small business and enterprises can opt for hybrid cloud solutions provided by reputed cloud storage service providers.  Egnyte Hybrid cloud is one solution providing a much needed hybrid cloud storage platform for business users.  The data storage facility is provided within the company network space in the form of a private cloud. Egnyte ensures that business specific data and files are stored in the public cloud and a copy…

The Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution

The Egnyte Hybrid Cloud is taking the mid-size business cloud market by storm! Founded in 2006, Egnyte is a newcomer on the scene, but has raised nearly $16 million in capital funding for the next frontier of data storage. The Egnyte hybrid cloud separates itself from the traditional cloud concept by selectively integrating with other clouds and apps designed specifically for the business consumer. The data is stored within the cloud, but accessible and integrated smoothly into specific business apps. Traditional clouds are simply data storage, whereas, the Egnyte hybrid cloud can move seamlessly through different formats and applications. Welcome…