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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors

The yearly tradition of guessing what Apple will come out with for their next iPhone release is always fun. But will the next release this year be the iPhone 7? What is expected? With last year’s April release of the Apple Watch, some wonder if the next newest release is scheduled to surface in March 2016 (one year anniversary). According to CNet.com, if there is a new release early this year, it would likely just be the iPhone 6C to replace the old iPhone 5S. So what about the iPhone 7? Consumers begin to anticipate the new iPhone models’ release…

IT Risk #2 Each Employee Smartphone Pose Security Risk to Company

Today personally owned devices such as employee smartphones and tablets are routinely given access to company email. Sometimes they are connected directly to company networks creating network security issues. Smartphones and tablets are great productivity tools. What happens when your employees bring their own hand held devices to use at work. Employees using their own hand held devices can save the company money. This new BYOD (bring your own device) opens up security risks. Employee Smartphone Risk These employee smartphone devices are really powerful computers that are easily configured to access company and client data. Once hooked into the corporate…