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Keep Your Data Safe – 9 Password Security Tips

Password Security Tips

A recent BuzzFeed News article was recently released advising everyone who had a Dropbox account in mid-2012 to change their passwords immediately due to a hacker security breach. Hackers often publish information publically or sell the information on the black market, so it’s important to take steps to protect your accounts. Here are 10 password security tips to help keep your data safe. 9 Password Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe Choose strong passwords. For help on how to create strong and memorable passwords, check out this blog post. Change your passwords often. Set up reminders and don’t repeat…

Risk #3: Potential Backdoor Threats

Businesses today have to be concerned with external servers where information is stored on cloud servers and on cloud services such as Dropbox or Gmail. Web applications and websites are exposed on web servers. Is your internal network open to outside attack? Is your system truly secure from outside threats? Just because you have a patch management process or minimum security policies, doesn’t mean they are effective. Vulnerability scanning is the only way to provide the visibility to protect your systems and data. Vulnerability Scans are security assessments that identify known vulnerabilities with the use of automated tools. Protect your…