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Why is Windows PC Crashing?

Why is Windows PC Crashing

We all dread it; you know, the “Blue Screen of Death”. It’s not uncommon for a computer to crash here and there because of a random hiccup. If it becomes a pattern, it’s important to ask; why is Windows PC crashing? Why is Windows PC Crashing? There are a few methods to try to understand why your Windows PC is crashing: Event Viewer – This would be considered the more advanced method when trying to figure out what’s going on behind the “Blue Screen of Death.” The Event Viewer is full of valuable information, but only if you understand how…

Windows Won’t Boot

Windows Won't Boot

It’s every computer owner’s nightmare – your computer won’t start or if it does start, you get stared down by the “Blue Screen of Death” or some other screen informing you that Windows won’t boot. Before you call someone in your tech department, there are a couple things you can check: Windows Won’t Boot – Before You Call the Tech Department Ask yourself if there is anything you’ve recently changed (installed a new driver for hardware, connected new hardware, or physically manipulated anything inside your computer case?) If your computer won’t start up at all, double check that your computer…