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3 Advantages of Moving to Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage? It’s a way to store your data on remote servers, where you can keep it safe and sound. The best thing about using this service instead of saving things locally isn’t just how accessible all the information will be but also its safety – no matter when or where something goes wrong with one machine in an entire networked environment there are plenty of ways to access your files.

Here are three reasons why cloud storage has become the leading choice for businesses and organizations to store their data:

1. Cloud Mobility

All you need to run a successful and sustainable office is a computer with internet access. Now, with cloud storage, you can seamlessly move from one computer to another. Icons on your desktop of each computer are backed up on the fly. And if you go to another location or laptop, those icons are still accessible.

2. Cloud Security 

The cloud’s lack of a single point renders it more secure than your traditional hard drive. You can also have offsite backups which will ensure that if something were to happen, you would not lose any important data. The benefits associated with using an online storage service instead of having hardware within our office space make total sense!

3. Cloud Affordability 

The first benefit business owners will notice when choosing between onsite versus off-site systems is affordability. Cloud Backup Services can be more affordable due to its distribution method which spreads out expenses over larger clientele bases. Savings from cloud storage arises from a few different areas. 

Microsoft 365 for Business Cloud Storage

At CCSI we work hard to design Cloud-based file storage solutions that address the issues surrounding your workforce. We join with multiple vendors to provide file storage, file backup, and security that you need. Microsoft 365  OneDrive for business cloud solutions offers users visibility and controls for security. Microsoft 365 for business offers capabilities like sync reports and managing migration. With protections for data recovery, whether it’s the result of accidental deletion or malicious attack, admins can easily and seamlessly manage security policies to keep information safe.

CCSI Cloud Storage Services

There are multiple cloud solutions out there, that we can help you set up. Contact CCSI today about our managed solutions and read more about our online storage solution.

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