make your laptop battery last longerAs your laptop ages, so does your laptop battery’s capacity to hold a solid charge. Your laptop battery is only good for so many full charges so the more power you use on a regular basis, the quicker your laptop battery will die on you. If you’re looking to preserve your laptop battery beyond the typical lifespan, here are some ways to make your laptop battery last longer:

5 Ways to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

  1. Settings – Take a look at some of your settings and make some changes. Do you actually need the backlight on the keyboard? How about the screen brightness? Do you always need the sound on? You can change the default settings on some of these items and mute the sound when it’s not necessary. These power savers add up over time and are a few ways to make your laptop battery last longer.
  2. Processes Running in the Background – Open your task manager to take a look at what’s running in the background. Do you need Dropbox to be connected all the time? How about your WiFi? If you aren’t using these kind of power-drainers, shut them down when not in use.
  3. Keep Your Battery Cool – Heat buildup will reduce the life of your battery. Regularly dust your laptop’s vents and fans with compressed air and never use your laptop on a soft surface (like a pillow). Always use a hard surface like a desk or lap desk for proper air flow.
  4. Regular Maintenance – Make sure you regularly install updates so that your programs and apps run efficiently. Declutter your drive by removing unnecessary files and unused programs, and defragment your system at regular intervals as well.
  5. Replace Your Hard Drive with an SSD – An SSD not only loads faster but is also energy efficient, which means no spinning disc and less drain on your battery.

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