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Increasing Business Productivity in the Office Environment – Mental Fatigue

business productivityMost employees get into a very comfortable routine while they are at work. Start up the computer, grab a cup of joe, open email, answer phones with the same monotonic greeting… By the time lunch rolls around, they can’t remember half of what they’ve actually done, yet they have already planned out the entire weekend in their minds, and it’s only Monday. How does this relate to business productivity?

Routine has its benefits, but too much monotony can easily lead to mental fatigue in an office environment where the same tasks are performed day-in and day-out. Mental fatigue can easily lead to daydreaming and lack of focus on the work at hand. This unhealthy pattern lowers work productivity and increases errors due to lack of focus.

Some of the ways you can help your employees beat mental fatigue and increase business productivity:

  • Encourage your employees to take advantage of their mandated breaks.
  • Optimize your technological office infrastructure for efficiency, creating less stress on employees so they can focus more on work.
  • Encourage positive employee interaction (when feasible).
  • Host regular interactive meetings for all employees to get everyone on the same page. Use technology to your advantage during these meetings to actively engage participants.
  • Create regular, healthy competition between employees, offering a valuable incentive for those who achieve or exceed the goal(s).
  • Skip bringing in the sugary donuts and bagels, and instead, offer healthier alternatives, like nuts and fruit. Sugar and starches may boost energy for a short period of time, but they can cause brain-fog, making focus more difficult.
  • Help employees integrate healthy habits outside of work, like offering discounted gym memberships, hosting a weekly farm co-op for convenient and fresh local produce, or facilitating a “Biggest Loser” style competition. Healthy employees have an easier time beating mental fatigue so they can focus easier at work.

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