New Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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New Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateIf you’re one of the 350 million current users of Windows 10, chances are you’re going to love the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update or, “Windows 10 AU.” It will automatically download and update without your having to do a thing. So what can you expect from the new Windows Anniversary Update? Here’s a few of the changes:

What Changes are in the New Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Lock Screen – Your email won’t appear here anymore.

Start Menu – This will look a little different. All your programs will be listed on the left start popup.

Edge Browser – It’s cleaner looking, it accepts extensions, passes along notifications, uses less battery, and you can pin a tab so you don’t accidentally close it.

Login Security – New options to login with your face or fingerprint recognition on capable tablets systems. Quick and secure logging in just by looking at your screen!

Antivirus programs – Windows Defender now plays nice with others, acting more like a second opinion than a rival.

Pen Features – If your tablet or touchscreen laptop came with a pen, it can now do more things, like bringing up a workspace without having to login first. Need to make a quick note? With the click of your pen, you can write it down just as fast as if you had a notepad and pen.

Cortana – While not as smart as other rivaling AI’s, Cortana is starting to learn more

Phone to PC Communication – This is great news for Windows Phone and Android users with the new ability to send and receive messages on your desktop.

New Emojis – Like bacon.

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