The Importance of a Data Disaster Recovery Plan

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The Importance of a Data Disaster Recovery Plan

For many businesses today, having a data disaster recovery plan is essential to their day to day operations. Danger can come from a failed computer, a lightning strike, an outside hacker, a virus arriving by email or even from a wrong keystroke from a careless employee.

The newly found Gauss virus is a new worm virus thought to be descended from Stuxnet. Stuxnet is believed to have been created by US and Israel to bring down Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. The Gauss virus is another cyber surveillance virus that came out of the Mid East.

The point is there are many dangers that can disrupt or bring down your computer network. You need careful planning and protection to prevent your system from being compromised. You also need a robust data disaster recovery plan in place in case the unthinkable happens and your computer network is compromised.

Disaster Recovery Methods

Backups: A simple precaution is to back up your data daily. There are many backup solutions from cloud based backups which have the benefit of keeping your back-up offsite from your system. With online backups you will need sufficient bandwidth to transfer data. There are many forms of backup systems you can use from local USB backups for businesses with a few computers to enterprise level solutions.

Synchronization: The strategy here is to keep two computers mirrored. If one computer goes down, the second immediately takes over. Computers kept in sync can be in completely different locations.

Antitheft: Cable locks can be an effective low cost theft protection system. Add LoJack to laptop computers so if they are stolen they will broadcast their location to make retrieval possible. Add video surveillance systems to record the crime and show the crime in action along with time stamps.

Electrical: Protect your system from electrical outages, brownouts, lightening strikes and electrical surges with a quality UPS.

Professional Computer Services: As a small business you know every dollar counts. Uptime and security of your information is critical. Set-up a managed services contract with a reliable business IT services company.

Article by Scott Huotari, President CCSI, Google |  LinkedIn