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Strategic Purchasing Plan – Getting the Most from Your Technology Purchases

strategic purchasing plan

Just about every business today uses some form of technology, namely, computers and software. Computers have become so much a part of how we do business now days that it’s a fairly safe assumption that you will eventually need to upgrade your systems and equipment. When it comes to investing in new technology, however, how do you know you are getting the most from your technology purchases? Before you buy anything, a strategic purchasing plan should be in place. Things to Consider When Creating a Strategic Purchasing Plan Where is your company or industry heading? What equipment or technology do…

Gone Phishing – How to Identify a Phishing Scam

Identify a phishing scam

Phishing is a type of cyber-attack/scam where an attempt to obtain personal information is made by posing as a legitimate company, typically via email, to gain your trust. Companies such as AOL, Sony, and Target have all fallen victim to phishing scams. Cyber scams are constantly evolving, so how do you identify a phishing scam? How to Identify a Phishing Scam – 5 Ways While some phishing scams can be quite obvious and rather hilarious, don’t be caught off guard. Here are some tips you and your employees can use to help identify a phishing scam: The email address or…

Pac-Man Turns 35 – May 2015

Pac-Man Turns 35

Pac-Man Turns 35 – Appreciating Evolving Technology In the spirit of appreciating evolving technology, it’s worth noting that a blast from the past, Pac-Man, turns 35 this month. Those who grew up in the 80s or earlier can truly understand and appreciate just how fast technology changes and evolves. In the first decade of its release, this simple 8-bit game brought in over $1 billion net… in QUARTERS. This means that the Pac-Man game was played more than 4 BILLION times in the first 10 years, or an average of 1,095,890 times per day from across the globe! Pac-Man Turns…

Smartphone App Security – A Lesson from Starbucks

Smartphone App Security

The news broke out today that criminals have found a backdoor through smartphone app security for the Starbucks rewards programs, leaving many customers with drained bank accounts. While Starbucks has promised to refund customers’ money, it still proved to be a huge hassle for many, and it brings to light some smartphone security measures that we all should address to protect our personal data and accounts. So, what happened? Starbucks issued a statement saying that the company itself was not hacked, and that the individual cases of hacked accounts were likely due to weak customer passwords. Starbucks has not stated…

Using Social Media to Communicate During Emergencies

Pony Express

While the “Pony Express” may have worked just fine back in the day, it’s no longer fast enough to keep up with today’s fast pace of technology and commerce. Using social media to communicate during emergencies has become the new gold standard for immediate mass communication. It can prove invaluable if you ever find the need for a fast and efficient line of communication with customers and/or employees during emergencies. Most of your customers and employees already have personal profiles set up on at least one form of social media, and using social media to communicate during emergencies is simple….

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Recall

If your iPhone 5 battery doesn’t seem to be holding a proper charge, there may be some good news for you. While it’s fairly common for phone batteries to lose some of their ability to hold a charge over time, the battery issue with the iPhone5 should be fairly obvious. Having to carry an external charging device or charge your phone more than once per day for typical use may indicate you’re one of the unlucky/lucky ones. Others have complained that they watch the battery percentage drop drastically within minutes. Apple discovered issues with some iPhone 5 batteries and released…