Help Desk Support

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Serving the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA area with help desk support.

The CCSI Help Desk is the first stop for Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA businesses needing assistance with business computer issues. Help desk support is provided by trained technicians. Available during normal business hours 8AM-5PM Pacific Time.

CCSI’s approach to IT support is simple; we provide high quality service using our local in house staff. Our help desk is staffed with our in-house employees that will help you with email support, desktop computer issues and troubleshooting network issues.

Our in-house local help desk (not outsourced) is backed by our team of engineers that can go on site to your offices and fix problems throughout Portland Oregon, Beaverton, Vancouver WA and Longview WA

The CCSI IT support team provides a personal touch with our two tier approach to help desk and IT support. Our certified help desk technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. First is our remote help desk giving you instant access to technical support. Second is our Engineering team that can work onsite at your location to solve more complex issues.

Our help desk support provides immediate technical assistance.

Top 10 reasons to give our help desk technicians a call.

  1. Your computer stops working.
  2. You are having trouble with your email.
  3. Your computer has a virus.
  4. You can’t connect to your network.
  5. Your password stops working.
  6. You have to add a printer or other device.
  7. Your server shuts down unexpectedly.
  8. You get a system error.
  9. You lose your Internet connection
  10. You need help installing software.

Words of advice: Many problems can be solved by turning off either your computer or printer and then restarting it. If the problem persists give us a call.