Managed Services Plan

CCSI | msp

Don’t wait for your network to crash and interrupt your business… Fix it before it happens.

CCSI is proud to offer a fully managed services solution that provides our clients with a cost-effective way to manage their network services.

We save clients valuable time and money by proactively managing your IT services with enterprise-class Managed Service.  In the past, you had to wait for a problem to occur before you could start to fix it. Today, CCSI has the latest network monitoring and management tools to foresee most network issues before they send your business to a standstill.

What is a Managed Services Plan?

Small and medium-sized organizations have become more dependent on information technology and the Internet. They increasingly want features, functionality, and security that in the past were available only to large enterprises. However, the expense required to design, deploy, and maintain such an environment is often too great for small and medium-sized organizations. Due to economies of scale, when you enlist remote management and security services, you can take advantage of the features and benefits that previously were exclusive to enterprise level organizations. Solutions based on a managed services model can provide your business with the opportunity to enhance many aspects of your computing environment and provide a convenient method of lowering your IT costs. By engaging in a  managed services model, your organization can take advantage of economies of scale by building an infrastructure that can provide critical IT services to all of your employees and customers rather than having to support these services internally. Additionally, it provides a business model that can increase your total revenue, improve employee retention, and help you to create long-term business relationships.

Why Choose a Managed Services Plan?

Ø  Lower staff overhead. The salary, benefits, and training associated with employing IT staff can often be the largest portion of an organization’s IT budget. Having on-demand managed services resources provides higher quality, better-trained IT support at a lower cost to your organization.

Ø  Reduced expenses through improved IT cost management. Through the standardization and control provided by managed services, your company can identify opportunities to reduce total fixed costs. The standardization entailed in adopting comprehensive managed services also helps to eliminate unnecessary costs associated with maintaining diverse systems.

Ø  Increased cost predictability. Environments that are managed and secured remotely can provide increased abilities to predict and manage IT costs more accurately and successfully.

CCSI | msp Managed Services offerings provide organizations with 24|7|365 remote monitoring, patch management, critical updates, temp file removal, backup solutions, anti-virus protection, spyware, malware detection, and spam filtering. Through removing system management and security responsibilities from the customer and by providing end-user support services, your staff can focus more on the strategic needs of your organization as opposed to the daily tasks required to keep your network environment stable.

How we do it.

Our staff of dedicated professionals constantly monitor your network to keep your uptime and productivity flowing. We use the latest technology to proactively monitor and manage your network infrastructure to head off any potential issue so it doesn’t become a problem for you.

Scale to fit your needs.

No one plan is right for everyone. That’s why CCSI tailors our Managed Services to best fit your IT needs. All three levels of our services include the latest server and desktop monitoring, Antivirus, Antispyware, patch management, and remote support software that we install on every server and PC in your organization. You pick the plan and let us worry about the rest.

CCSI | msp

Managed Service Plans







24|7|365 Network Monitoring
Remote Access for Support Staff
Patch Management
Network Antivirus
Network Anti-Spyware
Annual Performance Evaluation
Server Maintenance Quarterly Monthly
Performance Reports Quarterly Monthly
Remote Support Included
Onsite Support Included

Server Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your network, and any attached servers 24|7|365 that are the under CCSI | msp model. The most critical component of every client’s network is their server infrastructure. This is where all critical data lives, and this is where our solution shines. At its most basic level, this service monitors for issues with RAID arrays, disk space, paging file issues, memory, and more. At a deeper level, it will check for active applications and services and apply policies to monitor those items going forward.

We’ll also route an Email to an address on your mail server that we configure to auto-reply to each message. If we don’t receive that message within our defined threshold, our engineers are notified of the mail flow issue and can immediately work to identify the problem and remedy it. Whenever any threshold is not met, critical service stopped, or the server is not reporting to our systems, our NOC will verify the issue and our engineers are notified. Failed processes generate immediate alerts to our engineers, who can often times remotely correct errors within minutes of receiving notification. In the case of more serious network issues, we will conduct repairs at your site.

Desktop Monitoring

CCSI doesn’t stop at just your network. We also run agents on every desktop, laptop, and tablet in your organization to ensure everything’s running as smoothly as possible. The chart below demonstrates the schedule of what various agents are running, and on which days certain tasks are performed.

The LogMeIn difference

We go the extra mile by installing a remote control agent, LogMeIn IT Reach, on each computer, giving our engineers the ability to remotely support machines with or without end user interaction.

The LogMeIn interface also allows us to provide remote access to specific machines for your own technical staff. Also, as an added benefit, any user with the agent installed can host a “one-time” conference session with anyone they like, allowing them to temporarily share their desktop with a vendor to work on an issue, a customer to demo a product, or whatever other use you can imagine.

Patch Management

In the past, critical network and software patches have been known to cause even more problems on your computers than they solved. Not anymore with CCSI. We first test our patches for approximately three weeks to determine if they’re safe and secure. Then, when deemed reliable, we push the patch out as soon as possible.

You’re in control.

We’ll work with you to determine the best time for patches to be applied, and if automatic reboots should be allowed during those times should patches require it.

Network Monitoring

In addition to monitoring and managing your servers and desktops, many organizations have a need to monitor various other devices like printers, copiers, routers, and switches on their network. CCSI can remotely use our software to monitor various popular SNMP, POSIX and ICMP devices for various variables and thresholds.

Stay connected.

We can also monitor for connectivity to any IP address, which can be used to monitor status of remote offices WAN and VPN connections. This is especially vital for any redundant Internet connections that you might not otherwise know about. If any gateway goes down, we’ll get an instant alert to get you back up and running.