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As a small to mid-sized business, you may find yourself unsure of your network security. You may think your data is safe, but studies have shown that companies with an infrastructure of less than 50 computers is just as much, and sometimes even more at risk for computer hackers as large companies with in-house Information Technology staff, complex firewalls and failsafe virus protection securely in place.

You and your employees need someone watching over your shoulder. The security of your network and the integrity of your business depend on it.

With a small staff, you may not have the means to keep qualified computer professionals on board as full time staff members. The expense of in-house technicians can make you go over budget. That is where CCSI comes in.

CCSI Network Security

Our network security support is an unmatched value in the technical support industry. We specialize in small to mid-size companies like yours. Most of our clients have between 10 and 50 workstations and register heavy Internet usage to conduct business. This intense data usage can leave your business and valuable data wide open to hackers and malicious infiltration.

Let us provide the complete network security you need to run your business without the worry of data loss or other security-related issues causing downtime. We can also help with all your business processing solutions.

Let us be your first line of support in streamlining your data processing tasks. We will show you how to greatly increase your bottom line through enhancements in productivity and efficiency in business practices. And that is just the beginning, let us be your one stop information technology and network security solution.

Our trained professionals are experienced and hold current certifications in addition to business and technology degrees. We will help you meet and exceed your goals by providing the support and advice you need and deserve. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more. Contact us for a personalized business and IT support consultation today.