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Keep Your Data Safe – 9 Password Security Tips

Password Security Tips

A recent BuzzFeed News article was recently released advising everyone who had a Dropbox account in mid-2012 to change their passwords immediately due to a hacker security breach. Hackers often publish information publically or sell the information on the black market, so it’s important to take steps to protect your accounts. Here are 10 password security tips to help keep your data safe. 9 Password Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe Choose strong passwords. For help on how to create strong and memorable passwords, check out this blog post. Change your passwords often. Set up reminders and don’t repeat…

Network Security Tips that Will Keep Your Business Safe

Network security is one of the most crucial elements of any network, and yet businesses rarely stop to think about how safe their network really is. Paying attention to the safety of your network can prevent the loss of money, time, clients, proprietary information, and even your business itself. Network Security Tips Business Router: First, pick the right equipment for the job. A business router is better equipped than a consumer router to handle the challenges of a business’s network. Business routers also have hardware firewalls, which are better at preventing attacks on your network. You could make your business…