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As the world of technology moves into the cloud, CCSI provides the solid footing your business needs to make the leap.
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Moving critical data into cloud and away from traditional onsite servers can leave you feeling uncertain. Will it really all be there when we need it? CCSI has a proven strategy that allows your company to operate with traditional safe guards while managing your modern mobile workforce and devices in the field.

We have worked hard to design a Cloud-based file storage solution that addresses the issues that surround your workforce every day. We join together multiple vendors to provide file storage, file backup and security that you need to protect and manage your data.

You can seamlessly move from one computer to another with a Cloud-Based file storage system. Icons on your desktop of each computer are backed up on the fly and when you go to another location or laptop, those same icons are accessible.

You need to ensure that your data is secure. Once you expose your data to the cloud, you need to use systems such as Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your data or causing harm to your intellectual data.

Solution Features

Cloud Service Solutions

Today’s modern business environment demands remote access to essential files and data. Don’t waste time running back to the office. Find what you need now. Running your business from anywhere gives you the freedom and flexibility you and your team deserves.

  • active-sync-and-migration
    Active Sync & Migration

    Manage all devices through centralized access, so you can be sure everything is on point

  • microsoft-365-MGMT
    Microsoft 365 licensed management

    Access all that this robust software solution has to offer you and your organization

  • cloud-email-backup-and-recovery
    Cloud email backup and recovery

    At times we live out of our email. Backing it up in the cloud allows access and peace of mind

  • sharepoint-collaborative
    Sharepoint – Collaborative

    Your teams need access. Group level file sharing, backup and recovery makes sure they do

  • secure-multi-factor-authentification
    Secure – Multifactor authentication

    Your data is valuable. We protect it to the highest industry standard

  • Mobile-Device-MGMT
    Mobile Device Management

    How do you keep them all up to date? Enforce policies and remotely wipe unwanted data.

  • Unlimited-Backup
    Unlimited back up retention

    We don’t set limits on your data, so you can be sure your backup will be there when you need it

  • Remote-Capability
    Remote capable (work anywhere)

    Today’s workforce is on the go. Get access when and where you want.

“Scott and the members of his company have demonstrated the highest level of service and professional integrity of any company that I have worked with. I highly recommend Scott and CCSI for any company.”


Curious about something?

Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. As long as you do not have legacy server-based systems that cannot be moved to the cloud. Our goal is to move you to the cloud and let you have the freedom and luxury of removing your legacy Server(s)

No, we use multi-factor authentication to help protect web-based access to your data

Yes, all data is encrypted as it moves from your workstation to the cloud.

Your data is stored in Microsoft Servers located throughout the Geographical United States.


Never be trapped by the office again