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Moving your IT resources does not need to be the hardest part of your relocation.
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Your business is on the move!

Moving a business is stressful. It can ruin everything if not done correctly. We make sure everything is smooth and fully functional without losing costly time in the transition from one location to another. Make the moves your business needs without worrying about IT.

From start to finish you will know that the project is going exactly how it’s supposed to. You have enough to worry about when it’s moving time. You need to know your technology will be there when you need it.

A stress free strategy requires some preplanning. By bringing us in at the beginning of the process, we can help be sure everything is set up for success.

We work closely with all your IT vendors to ensure that your relocation journey is smooth. You get one point of contact and the confidence knowing it’s all under control.

By maximizing space and creating a custom storage solution for you server and other critical IT components, we bring the level of professionalism you and your technology deserve.

On the big day, CCSI will be in your corner making sure everything goes as planned. In fact we will likely be in ALL your corners making sure everything is installed correctly and exceeds industry standards.

Everything is in place, but does it work? We don’t just leave when the job is done. Your systems need to be monitored and tested to be sure they are fully functional and ready to go! If any problems arise, we troubleshoot them for you so you can focus on enjoying your new digs.

Solution Features

Business Relocation Services

Because we have made the move with so many businesses, you can be sure we will have your technology up and running well in advance. There is enough to worry about when it comes to moving. Take IT off your list.

  • vendors-1

    We work with your vendors to ensure everything is fully functional

  • document

    We document everything in precise detail so nothing is overlooked

  • logistics

    We make it easy. Use your moving company, or we can contract with our own

  • branch-office
    Branch Office

    Expand your business. Opening a new branch office has never been so easy

  • reduced-downtime
    Reduced downtime

    Our systematic approach means IT gets done the first time reducing costly downtime

  • reduced-overhead
    Reduced Overhead

    Our team has you covered. By letting us handle the move, you save on overtime

  • seamless

    Pre-staging connections and infrastructure mean things move fast on moving day

  • peace-of-mind
    Peace of Mind

    Knowing you have an experienced team closely guiding you makes all the difference

Helping with larger projects, like during two of our office relocations, their impressive competence and foresight are unmatched!

– Kiri

Asked Questions

We can help your current IT staff by being the feet on the street. We can handle your support needs, and your internal IT department can do all the remote stuff.

CCSI has quality relationships with local companies that will work closely with you and our team to ensure a seamless move process.

Generally, your moving company will move your desktop computers and we will do the heavy lifting of the servers and infrastructure.


We will make sure your next move is your best move