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Your business is only as secure as your network

Your network is subjected to an onslaught of threats every time someone logs into the system. Anywhere that user has been could pose a risk. That’s why we drive industry best practices for security, making sure users and the organizations we work with are kept well protected.

We provide an ongoing series of training videos that offer your staff strategies for identifying modern threats to your network and organization as a whole.

We help you design an effective training program that identifies your specific threats and helps you train your team to better secure your systems.

Solution Features

Solution Features
Network Security Services

Unauthorized users accessing your network without your knowledge can be catastrophic. A properly designed and implemented system of protection will allow you and your staff to be more productive each day knowing you’re operating in a secure environment.

  • assessment

    We provide comprehensive reports used to clearly identify threats

  • plan

    Taking the time to understand the needs of our clients let us better serve them

  • train

    Your staff engage with memorable trainings on common network attacks

  • secure

    We install powerful hardware devices that protect your network

  • patch

    We seal out common bugs and malware so your system runs securely

  • Dark-WebID

    You get an award winning platform to detect your exposure on the Dark Web

  • Multi-Vendor
    Multi vendor

    Install multiple layers of protection from different vendors with one solution

  • Flexible

    We tailor our solution to your individual business needs and budget.

“We have been a client of Creative Computer Solutions Inc. for over 20 years. They stay in good alignment with the ever changing world of technology. Our confidence level in the capabilities of their engineers is very reassuring. Security is a huge concern at our firm and I feel confident they have put in place the best software and systems to keep us secure. I would recommend CCSI to other companies looking for a very professional, educated and forward thinking IT company .”


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No, it is included with both our CCSI | msp and CCSI | Secure agreements.

Our NOC will contact you and update you on the measures we are taking in response to a threat.


Your computer network makes everything else you do possible