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Managed Firewall Services

Let us handle the wide world of threats out there trying to infiltrate your network
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Your business needs complete protection

Everyday inbound and outbound web traffic comes and goes.
If your business isn’t well protected, it could be infiltrated and data stolen or misused, causing great harm and endless stress. CCSI | Secure keeps your firewall up to date and centrally managed and monitored for threats.

Solution Features

Managed Firewall Services

Not knowing where your users go on the Internet is cause for concern. By having CCSI monitor your traffic, you can feel assured that your users are not navigating the Dark Web and visiting sites they shouldn’t. Viruses and Malware are out there, and you need to sleep at night. Rest easy knowing you’re protected.

  • Traffic-Monitoring
    Traffic Monitoring

    We keep watch so you get early indications when something is up

  • Content-Filtering
    Content Filtering

    Prevent your users from accidentally going to black web sites before harm can be done

  • Centralized-Mgmt
    Central Management

    Our Centralized Network Operations Center notifies us so we can take action quickly

  • Firewall-Updating
    Firewall Updating

    No more running on old hardware that does not protect you from new threats.

  • 24-7-Monitoring
    24×7 Support

    Our customers get top priority for service based on our strong vendor relationship

  • Performance

    We use the proper firewall for your connection speed removing the bottleneck

  • Global-System
    Global System

    Centralized management allows us to quickly find problems and defeat emerging threats

  • Traffic-Shaping
    Traffic Shaping

    We make sure your sales application takes priority over the latest fantasy football pool

I would use CCSI exclusively for any IT situation. When I moved to Seattle, I desperately wanted to clone them. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking expert IT services.

– April Johnson

Asked Questions

No, the Firewalls we put in place have enough horsepower to inspect your network traffic and keep up with your ISP provided speed.

Under the CCSI | Secure Select Plan, we replace your hardware every 3 years.

The CCSI | Secure system includes all updates, firmware installation and content filtering changes to your firewall device.

Yes. You will always need virus protection on your Servers, computers and other devices. A firewall can only limit the exposure of an attack. No system is 100% capable of preventing viruses and malware. So the more ways you have to detect a virus, the better.

The CCSI | Select Plan does not cover remediation of viruses. CCSI has other plans we offer that would cover that type of event.


High-performance protection for your business