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Data backup and Recovery services

Each day your team works hard to create and store information for your company. We are always there to ensure that you don't have to worry about recovering data should disaster strike.
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Never lose it again

Each day your team works hard to create and store information for your company. We are always there to ensure that you don’t have to worry about recovering data should disaster strike.

The CCSI Vault takes a snapshot of your data every hour to make sure it’s all there. Linking on and offsite components ensures seamless business continuity.

Vault 1 is a reliable base level solution that will keep your data securely backed up so you can focus on moving forward.

Ever wish someone could just swoop in and and make it work? We go the extra mile by installing a secure remote control agent on each computer, giving our engineers the ability to remotely support machines with or without end user interaction. In addition, the client can also share their desktop to work with a client or demo a service they provide.

Compare Service Plans

Vault 1Vault 3
Onsite Backup ✔ ✔
Offsite Back Up Data Backup Services 2 ✔
Business Continuity ✔ ✔
Fully Managed ✔ ✔
Virtualization ✔
Can Run During Repair Data Backup Services 2

Solution Features

Data Backup Service Solutions

Losing all your data can lead to significant downtime and despair of epic proportions. By backing up your data with our rock solid solution, you know the valuable work you do is well protected even should disaster strike.

  • Peace-of-Mind
    Peace of mind

    Relax knowing you can always recover your work should something happen

  • Tested-Reliability
    Tested reliability

    Your backup is only as good as your ability to reliably recover the data. Never wonder again

  • 24-7-Monitoring

    We will likely know something is up before you do. We are always watching out for you

  • Fully-Maintained
    Fully maintained

    You don’t need to worry about making sure everything is up to date. We have you covered

  • offsite-data-backup
    Data replicated offsite

    It’s recoverable even if disaster strikes. Our solution encrypts and replicates your data to the cloud

  • rapid-recovery
    Rapid Recovery

    Instant recovery of files means near-zero downtime for server or hardware failures

  • secure-encryption
    Secure encryption

    Protect your backup data with Department of Defense level encryption

  • multi-restore-points
    Multi-Restore Points

    Your data is recoverable at multiple points including at the server and remote locations.

“They maintain a good backup system for that rare occasion something does happen. We just don’t have problems with downtime, and if something does happen they always have a solution to get us up and connected quickly.”

Curious about something?

Asked Questions

Each day, the backup jobs are checked. Errors are reported to our Central Network Operations Center and Resolved. As part of server maintenance, we recover a set of test files to ensure we can recover them.

This depends on the nature of your company. For most industries, 1 year is common.

Vault 1 data is stored in our facility in Vancouver, WA. Vault 3 Business Continuity Solution is located in several sites throughout the United States.

Vault 1 is has a longer recovery time, usually several hours. Vault 3 can recover much faster, often times within minutes.


For a free evaluation of your data's recover-ability reach out to us