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5 Must Haves for Small business IT Support in Portland (Or Wherever You Run Your Business)

Small Business IT support

Whether you’re just beginning, or reevaluating your small business’ digital infrastructure, there are some things you’ll want to consider adding to your checklist before signing an IT support contract. Here are 5 must haves for small business IT support in Portland (or wherever you run your business). Must-Haves for Small Business IT Support in Portland Customized Solutions. Does the company you’re considering only offer one-size-fits-all solutions? This gives little wriggle room for budget considerations. We think your IT support should be tailored for what you need. Fast and Friendly 24/7/365+ Tech Support. Every minute of downtime during a technical crisis…

Why Cloud Computing is here to Stay for Business

Cloud computing is the biggest advancement we’ve seen in the IT industry since the explosion of WWW. Essentially, what cloud computing accomplishes for businesses is  saving them astronomical server costs associated with hosting. Traditionally, small businesses had to rely on outside IT support when network errors happened. With newer systems in place, now the IT professional can perform all network tasks remotely and efficiently without the headaches of travel and other expenses associated with performing on-site maintenance. Cloud Computing When a company uses the cloud, they are doing two important things. First, they are enabling documents and other media to…