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Do These Simple Things to Enhance Your Mobile Device Security

mobile device security

Our cell phones are some of our most important electronic devices because we use them daily to check our messages, emails, financial accounts, and stay connected to our family and friends. A mobile phone usually contains a high volume of personal data and  information ranging from photos and videos to access to our banks and financial information. It’s important you take mobile device security precautions to protect this information. Most accounts with enhanced security system often use a two-factor authentication system, meaning they call or text you a security code that they then use to verify your identity. Because of this, it…

Technology Privacy Tips – The Glass Room

technology privacy tips

A recent article on Yahoo describes a temporary location that was set up late December in New York to help demonstrate to everyday people what very little privacy they have when it comes to technology. We are surrounded by technology everywhere you turn, and oftentimes we don’t really consider the risks of using this technology. At the end, we’ll give you a few technology privacy tips to help reduce the virtual threats of living in today’s modern world. The Glass Room – Privacy Shock Several artists participated in the Glass Room project. One of the displays entitled “Forgot Your Password?”…

Mobile Device Security Can Give You Grey Hairs

Mobile device security is now more than ever a big issue as the capacity of these devices increase. Persons work more efficiently with them but the question is how to maintain security in a business or company while allowing these devices access to the network. IT staff are responsible for walking on this tight rope however protecting the integrity of a company network system is always top priority. How can you lock down the devices in your workplace? Here are 7 mobile device security procedures you can implement. Update OS: Smartphones generally will automatically update themselves. Other devices may need…