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Business Computer Network Security Tips – Part I

business computer network security

Like many in business computer network security is an important part of keeping your clients, customers and business data safe. Educating your administrative staff about in-house business computer network security policies goes a long way to make sure your security risks are minimized. Here are 5 Business Computer Network Security Tips Purchase a reputable antivirus software to be installed on the network, and install updates as soon as they are available. While this might seem obvious to most, many smaller businesses see this as an expense they can cut out when the budget is tight. Sadly, small businesses are no…

The pros and cons of remote server monitoring

When running any network you have the option to observe its current status and diagnose any problems by reviewing your log files. You try to ensure that everything is up to speed and working correctly to the best of your abilities. When disaster strikes, you want to be ready for any obstacle your network throws at you.  This is where Remote Server Monitoring comes in especially useful. When a computer on the network is being used or is broken you’ll be instantly notified by the monitoring software no matter where you are. Remote Server Monitoring There are many benefits to…