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Things You Should Know About Your Network Security

Network Security

Technology has transformed the world we live in. Every organization and company needs to protect its network so that proprietary information can stay safe from any type of cyber-attack. Network security is also beneficial for your personal information, especially if your use your network for both personal and business purposes. Therefore, there are several things you should know about your network’s security and how you can protect yourself from cyber-attacks and breaches. What You Should Know About Network Security Network security encompasses all activities that are intended to ensure the integrity and functionality of your network and data, including hardware…

What Happens When Big Companies Have Breaches in Data Security?

data security

We use technology for almost every aspect in our lives. As we have moved into an age where we can do almost everything online and remotely, more sites and accounts require us to share our personal information. Data security has become an increasing concern. Even if we take precautions and only share our information with trusted sites, hackers and identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated and have been able to steal personal information and data from major companies. But what happens to the consumer when companies have breaches in data security? How Does Data Security Work? A collective of state…

Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

News about corporate and business data breaches have become commonplace in our news feeds. As the relationship between businesses and technology continue to streamline, it makes sense why hackers and cyber criminals would target corporations and small businesses alike. The large batches of sensitive information that is transmitted is a potential goldmine. As a business owner, you have an obligation to find ways to reduce data breach risks to protect your clients’ sensitive information. What Data Are They Looking For? The top three types of information that hackers and cyber criminals are looking for are: real names, Social Security numbers/government…