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Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

data breach risksNews about corporate and business data breaches have become commonplace in our news feeds. As the relationship between businesses and technology continue to streamline, it makes sense why hackers and cyber criminals would target corporations and small businesses alike. The large batches of sensitive information that is transmitted is a potential goldmine. As a business owner, you have an obligation to find ways to reduce data breach risks to protect your clients’ sensitive information.

What Data Are They Looking For?

The top three types of information that hackers and cyber criminals are looking for are: real names, Social Security numbers/government IDs, and home addresses.

How do Data Breaches Happen?

Data breaches can happen in one of several ways, including targeted malware attacks (phishing, downloading emailed malware) exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated software, finding weak password vulnerabilities, and SQL injections (by installing malware and spyware on your computer).

Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

Some easy ways to reduce data breach risks are to understand how they happen and to be proactive in prevention:

  • Always use strong, unique passwords. Do not use the same password for different sites. Use a password manager if you have trouble remembering them all.
  • Make sure you update software and applications regularly.
  • Install reputable antivirus software to protect against malware and viruses.
  • Keep a close watch on financial statements and bank balances and notify banks as soon as you find suspicious activity.
  • Implement good network security measures and educate your employees about ways to protect their digital information. Also educate them on how to recognize email and pop-up scams, viruses and phishing.

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