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Easy Steps to Set-up Networked Computers

networked computers

What is a network and how can there be networked computers? Computers that are connected to a network don’t necessarily need to use the power of a personal computer. This works by relying on the power that network servers offer. There are many ways to set up a network, you can create a home, public and work networks depending on your needs. Services like that of CCSI Pro are needed as they can give you powerful networking capabilities and even help you manage your servers. This is why hiring service providers would be the best option for productivity and efficiency….

Help Your Computer Help You

Help Your Computer Help You 2

Isn’t it frustrating when you just want your tasks done quickly on your computer, but you end up troubleshooting it for the rest of the day? Realization starts to sink in, and you need computer help that is far from your basic skills in order to save your work. Hire a professional IT solutions company and end-all of these technical problems the soonest. The question now is, how can you pick an IT support team reliable enough to be hired? IT solutions such as Creative Computer Solutions Incorporated (CCSI) are skillful masters of their trade. Companies such as this will…

Automatic Maintenance for Your PC

Automatic Maintenance for Your PC

As with our lives, routine maintenance and cleanup is important for the health of your PC. Thankfully automatic maintenance for your PC is built into your Windows platform with a few customizable settings to make them convenient. Automatic Maintenance for your PC Your computer’s software updates, security updates, virus and malware scans, disk optimization and other diagnostics are currently set by default to run at 2 AM if you have Windows 8 or 10. You can manage this tool in Control Panel > System and Security > Security and Maintenance or just search for it by typing it into the…

5 Things You Should Know About Microsoft OneDrive Before You Start Using it

Microsoft OneDrive

File sharing drives and clouds are a necessity in today’s day and age. We use our computers, phones and tables to store everything from our personal documents to pictures and videos. With limited storage capacity in some devices, there is great need to be able to store all of your valuable files in one place and access them from all of your devices. Although there are many types of file storage and drives, Microsoft OneDrive is the file hosting and sharing service that is offered as part of the online services for Microsoft. Here are some things you should know…

Tips to Better Manage Your Emails with Microsoft Outlook

With today’s technology, email is one of the most important forms of communication. We use email from everything from business and collaboration to personal accounts and communication. Although there are several email platforms that you can use to manage your email, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most common among both businesses and personal accounts. Even if you are an experienced user, there are several tips that can help you better manage your email. Create a hierarchy and folders to prioritize and organize your email. To keep your inbox organized and clean, create folders and utilize them to prioritize your…

Shutting Down Windows Does Not Fix the Problem

shutting down windows does not fix the problem

Most of us know that the first thing to try when something isn’t working right on the computer is to shut it down and restart it. With Windows 8 and 10, however, it’s likely that shutting down windows does not fix the problem or problems. Why is this? Windows doesn’t shut down completely when you use the shutdown feature. Why Doesn’t Windows Shut Down Completely? Windows has a Fast Startup feature that is set to default unless you change it. It’s a hybrid of the hibernate and shut down features so that your operating system loads much quicker when you…

How to Organize Your Windows Files

organize your windows files

Now that we know the benefits of why you should organize your windows files, we can take a look at a simple method on how to best organize them. It takes some time and thought, but once it’s set up, it’ll be easy to maintain. Here’s one way to begin to organize your Windows files. How to Organize Your Windows Files Step 1: Start with creating a brand-new root folder nested directly under the hard drive. Do NOT nest it into the default Documents folder because this is the default dumping ground for Windows. Call it something simple, like “Personal…

5 Reasons to Organize Your Windows Desktop

organize your windows desktop

Just like in the physical world, the computer world isn’t much different. If your desktop is cluttered and unorganized, you’re going to be less productive and probably frustrated. Here are some other reasons you might want to organize your Windows desktop. 5 Reasons to Organize Your Windows Desktop The problem with saving everything to the default “My Documents” or “Documents” folder is that it’s a technical dumping ground for just about everything you download to your computer. Keeping your important files in this folder means that your files will get easily lost among the junk files or folders that get…

9 Cool Windows 10 Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Cool Windows 10 Features

How many people actually take the time to explore the new fun features on their computer? Here are 9 cool Windows 10 features you probably didn’t know about: 9 Cool Windows 10 Features You Probably Didn’t Know About Hey Cortana Feature – Cortana, Window’s virtual assistant, can be summoned simply by saying, “Hey Cortana!” You’ll need to enable this feature under settings first. Windows 10 Touchpad Gestures – If your Windows 10 computer has a touchpad, a few shortcuts just got easier. Check out these cool Windows 10 features for the touchpad. Ransomware Protection – Controlled access provides basic ransomware…

Chocolatey – New Package Manager for Windows

package manager for Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a package manager for Windows? Soon to be gone are the days when you use a trusty search engine to search for the software you’re looking to install on a Windows operating system, hoping you’ve found the correct and most updated version. You then click through a series of windows rather quickly and hope you didn’t forget to uncheck that sneaky little box which will install some random, obnoxious toolbar or antivirus software that you’ll never use and now you have no idea now how to get rid of it. Meanwhile, you’re losing valuable…