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5 Cyber Security Trends To Watch Out For

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, businesses need to be aware of the latest cyber security trends to stay ahead of the curve. Your network is subjected to an onslaught of threats every time someone logs into the system. Anywhere that user has been could pose a risk. That’s why at CCSI, we drive industry best practices for security, making sure users and the organizations we work with are kept well protected.

Here are the top 5 cyber security trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Ransomware will continue to be a major threat

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated. Cybercriminals are adapting to use new techniques to try and evade detection. Businesses need to ensure their data is backed up. Also, have robust security measures to protect themselves against this growing threat.

2. AI-based Attacks Will Become More Prevalent

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widely used, cybercriminals are beginning to harness its power to carry out attacks. AI-based attacks are often highly targeted. The introduction of artificial intelligence in cyber security has led to several changes, including automated security systems and natural language processing. AI is also being used for smart malware development and attacks that bypass current precautions. 

Yet, AI is still a great form of cyber security

The future prospects look bright with this new technology! As mentioned before, AI is being used to automate security systems. This newer form of technology can help to block cyberattacks before they happen and also predict future attacks. In the past, cybercriminals have been successful in breaching companies by taking advantage of human error.

3. Cloud Services Are Also Potentially Vulnerable

Today’s modern business environment demands remote access to essential files and data, which leaves cloud services as another one of today’s cyber security trends. The cloud services of Google and Microsoft are well equipped with security, but it is the end-user who can be a significant source of errors. Cybercriminals will use any vulnerabilities they encounter, which leads to data leaks when these programs aren’t monitored closely enough or updated regularly.

You need to ensure that your data is secure. Once you expose your data to the cloud, you need to use systems such as Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your data or causing harm to your intellectual data.

4. Targeted Ransomware

The WannaCry attack in 2017 was one of the most devastating ransomware outbreaks to date. Infecting more than 65 countries and compromising over 70 thousand devices. This includes medical equipment such as computers hospitals use for operations necessarily. Meaning that this cyber-crime has global implications and impacts any individual living.

5. Human Error and Insider Threats

A common cyber security trends that we see over and over again is human error and inside threats. Human error will always be the backbone of any cyber security threat. The report by Verizon shows that 34% of total attacks were committed because employees either did not do their job properly or had malicious intent to steal sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal identification codes (PINs). Make sure you create more awareness within your company’s premises so there can’t possibly be a cyber attack again!

Stay Up-to-Date on Cyber Security Trends

Everyday inbound and outbound web traffic comes and goes. If your business isn’t well protected, it could be infiltrated and data stolen or misused, causing great harm and endless stress. It’s time to increase your cyber security game, and we can help. At CCSI, we offer a wide range of services from security to data backup services, managed firewall services, and more. Our team of experts will help you stay on top of the latest cyber security trends and take the necessary steps to protect your company from becoming the next victim of a cyber attack.

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