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Protecting Your Computer Network From Ransomware Attack

computer network

Ransoms don’t only happen in real life crime, they’ve infiltrated the internet too, and you shouldn’t let your computer network fall victim to this. Ransomware is a malware that has the ability to take over anyone’s computer. They hold your data hostage and only gives you access back through a specific ransom. It’s a terrible attack that most computer users wouldn’t want to encounter. How can you stay protected from this kind of cybercrime? Is There Anything You Can Do For Protection Against Ransomware? Nobody wants their computer network hacked or even held hostage. Even though Ransomware may have appeared…

Easy Steps to Set-up Networked Computers

networked computers

What is a network and how can there be networked computers? Computers that are connected to a network don’t necessarily need to use the power of a personal computer. This works by relying on the power that network servers offer. There are many ways to set up a network, you can create a home, public and work networks depending on your needs. Services like that of CCSI Pro are needed as they can give you powerful networking capabilities and even help you manage your servers. This is why hiring service providers would be the best option for productivity and efficiency….

Company Wellness Programs Increase Employee Productivity with Gym Membership Benefits

Increase employee productivity with gym membership benefits

Happy employees make happy customers, but how do you make happy employees? Sometimes the answer doesn’t have to cost the company a lot of dollars per employee. Some studies are finding that you can make a happier workforce and increase employee productivity with gym membership benefits under what’s being dubbed as “Company Wellness Programs”. Proven “ROI” is estimated to be around $3 for every $1 spent on company wellness programs, and according to this article, one study showed an average savings of $650 per employee! (Here’s another article about a company who used a company wellness program to increase employee…

Network Security for Small Business

Network Security for Small Business

Network security for large businesses is a no-brainer. When the database of large corporations becomes compromised, protecting customer and sensitive data becomes daunting work, and it’s expensive. But what about network security for small business? Here’s an important example to consider. LinkedIn – 117 Million Usernames and Passwords Hacked If you haven’t yet heard about the LinkedIn hacked accounts, here’s a quick overview. Prior to 2012, the social media networking company, LinkedIn, did not have a high enough standard of security measures in place to ensure username and password security for its users. Recently, a hacker’s ad surfaced for the…

Is Ransomware a Real Threat for Small Business?

A hospital’s computer network in Hollywood was recently held ransom by a ransomware attack demanding $3.4 million to gain access back into their systems after the digital takeover. In the end, it ended up costing the hospital $17,000 in ransom to get business running again. With this tragic news of the latest Flash Player ransomware hack, you might be wondering; is ransomware a real threat to you, the “little guy.”  Is Ransomware a Real Threat to Small Businesses? Is ransomware a real threat to small businesses? The quick answer is, that depends. Don’t think that because you aren’t a multi-million…

Choosing a Good Managed Services Company for Business

choosing a good managed services company for business

Whether you’ve been in business for 2 weeks or 2 decades, choosing a good managed services company for business isn’t an easy task. Your business data is extremely valuable; trusting and choosing a good managed services company for business is something that should be thoroughly researched before signing any contract. Choosing a Good Managed Services Company for Business When you’re looking for a good managed services company for business, treat the process like a job interview. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; your business and livelihood are at stake if a data disaster hits. Here are a few important things…

Business Computer Network Security Tips – Pt II

business computer network security

Our last post touched on the first five business computer network security tips for protecting your business’ digital data. You can read Part I here. 5 More Business Computer Network Security Tips Use a password manager. Password managers act as a vault to store your passwords and can add an extra depth of security by auto-generating random, difficult to de-code passwords (as long as you don’t forget your master password). Never store any of your passwords digitally on any computer or server. Be warry of free Wi-Fi Hotspots. Often in crowded public places, free Wi-Fi hotspots will appear in your…

Business Computer Network Security Tips – Part I

business computer network security

Like many in business computer network security is an important part of keeping your clients, customers and business data safe. Educating your administrative staff about in-house business computer network security policies goes a long way to make sure your security risks are minimized. Here are 5 Business Computer Network Security Tips Purchase a reputable antivirus software to be installed on the network, and install updates as soon as they are available. While this might seem obvious to most, many smaller businesses see this as an expense they can cut out when the budget is tight. Sadly, small businesses are no…

Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks

News about corporate and business data breaches have become commonplace in our news feeds. As the relationship between businesses and technology continue to streamline, it makes sense why hackers and cyber criminals would target corporations and small businesses alike. The large batches of sensitive information that is transmitted is a potential goldmine. As a business owner, you have an obligation to find ways to reduce data breach risks to protect your clients’ sensitive information. What Data Are They Looking For? The top three types of information that hackers and cyber criminals are looking for are: real names, Social Security numbers/government…

What Network Monitoring Can Do for Your Business

Professional network monitoring is a very important service to have, especially if you own a small business. In many cases, a small business owner cannot afford to hire a dedicated in-house IT department. It is often a part time responsibility of a staff member. Because of this, they often experience frequent network issues and constant computer problems. A good alternative is to hire an IT managed services company that provides a network monitoring service. This helps to prevent potential network problems without costing a lot of money. Network Monitoring What is server network monitoring? This is not about monitoring what…