Is Ransomware a Real Threat for Small Business?

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Is Ransomware a Real Threat for Small Business?

Is ransomware a real threatA hospital’s computer network in Hollywood was recently held ransom by a ransomware attack demanding $3.4 million to gain access back into their systems after the digital takeover. In the end, it ended up costing the hospital $17,000 in ransom to get business running again. With this tragic news of the latest Flash Player ransomware hack, you might be wondering; is ransomware a real threat to you, the “little guy.”

 Is Ransomware a Real Threat to Small Businesses?

Is ransomware a real threat to small businesses? The quick answer is, that depends. Don’t think that because you aren’t a multi-million dollar hospital or corporation that you aren’t a target for ransomware.

When it comes to hackers, small businesses are considered easier targets because small business owners tend to have less security measures in place to protect their data. Your data is your lifeline; and whether you deal with confidential patient information or just managing a bookstore, without access to your data, business can come to a screeching halt and will hit your bank account hard if you have to pay the ransomware to restore it.

How do I Protect my Data?

Backup, backup, backup. And always install security updates as soon as you get them. The best prevention is to have a regular backup system in place. Someone locks up your system? No problem, you’ve got recent backups to restore the data. Installing security updates is also necessary. As soon as you get them, do them.

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