5 Myths About Small Business Security Threats

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5 Myths About Small Business Security Threats

62% Small business security threatsWith more stories always popping up in the news about a security breach with big business, you might be led to believe that hackers only have interest in targeting bigger business. You might be surprised to learn that small business security threats are very real, and if you happened to you, you may not be able to recover as easily as the big guys.

5 Myths About Small Business Security Threats

“My business is too small to be targeted.” Wrong, so very, very wrong. Cyber criminals are interested in quality data, not quantity, meaning that if you process credit cards, store personal data, or do business with someone who does, you’re just as much a target as the bigger guys. This leads into the next one.

“I have no valuable data.” Even if you don’t store valuable data, you may be targeted as a back-door entryway to a company you work with who DOES have valuable data. This small business security threat could cripple your business; both financially and relationally.

“We have a secure wifi connection.” This might not be enough to protect your data, especially if you have employees using public wifi to work remotely.

“I have enough security in place.” You better make sure. As with many small businesses, if you haven’t had good security in place from the start, you may have left proverbial cookie crumbs for cyber attackers to find that you’d long forgotten about.

“I can’t afford to have the same security in place like a big business can. My current out-of-the-box data security will have to do. Small business security threats are heightened because cyber criminals know that they can exploit loopholes from businesses who don’t know that they really can afford the same kind of security that the bigger businesses use.

Large Business Security for Small- to Medium-Size Businesses

Thanks to network security and data management companies like CCSI, we can offer the same level of security in a smaller package that is customized just for you. When you consider that 62% of cyber-attack victims are small- to medium-sized businesses (that’s more than half!), and that the cost for damage control can be in the hundreds of thousands and upward, you can’t afford to take a gamble on the security dice roll. One breach could mean closing your doors.

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