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Workplace by Facebook – Newest Platform for Work Collaboration

Workspace by Facebook

Facebook has just announced this month about unrolling its newest brainchild, Workplace. Workplace by Facebook offers a familiar platform for new users not unlike the Facebook social media platform, except built with business productivity in mind. Workplace by Facebook is completely separate from the popular social media core and build specifically for business for project collaboration. Workplace is contending for a share in the market where Slack, another collaborative platform for businesses, currently rules. New Workplace by Facebook – Project Collaboration Made Easy Workplace looks and feels just like Facebook, including a wall and messaging, but it also offers some…

Reduce Location Services Risks

location services risks

Using smartphone apps, especially social media apps, increases location services risks when this feature is enabled. Marketing companies pay money to use this information to advertise location-relevant information directly to you. Social Media Location Services Risks For apps like Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter, however, the location services risks include automatic publishing of your location information online, which is likely permanent and searchable. This could leave you, your home, or your family vulnerable by allowing others to know when you aren’t home or where you’re planning to be. How You Can Reduce Your Risks You can reduce your risks by disabling…

Using Social Media to Communicate During Emergencies

Pony Express

While the “Pony Express” may have worked just fine back in the day, it’s no longer fast enough to keep up with today’s fast pace of technology and commerce. Using social media to communicate during emergencies has become the new gold standard for immediate mass communication. It can prove invaluable if you ever find the need for a fast and efficient line of communication with customers and/or employees during emergencies. Most of your customers and employees already have personal profiles set up on at least one form of social media, and using social media to communicate during emergencies is simple….