Using Social Media to Communicate During Emergencies

Pony ExpressWhile the “Pony Express” may have worked just fine back in the day, it’s no longer fast enough to keep up with today’s fast pace of technology and commerce. Using social media to communicate during emergencies has become the new gold standard for immediate mass communication. It can prove invaluable if you ever find the need for a fast and efficient line of communication with customers and/or employees during emergencies.

Most of your customers and employees already have personal profiles set up on at least one form of social media, and using social media to communicate during emergencies is simple. According to the eBizMBA guide, Facebook and Twitter rank as the top two social media outlets as of February 2015.

Set Up Your Business Profile Now

Waiting to set up your business profile until after an emergency is ineffective because it takes time to establish your audience. Having a well-established presence on social media outlets will help you connect with clients or customers who really WANT to know about the important happenings within your business. Once you’ve established your social media presence, you’ll have the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with a mass audience.

What makes social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter even more effective is that a good portion of your audience also has access to these via apps on their smart phones. Most people will instinctively open social media apps on their cell phones during downtime to find out what’s going on in the world, and given that disasters like internet or power outages do happen, the ability to still communicate with your clients from your smart phones is a HUGE plus.