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Business Computer Network Security Tips – Pt II

business computer network security

Our last post touched on the first five business computer network security tips for protecting your business’ digital data. You can read Part I here. 5 More Business Computer Network Security Tips Use a password manager. Password managers act as a vault to store your passwords and can add an extra depth of security by auto-generating random, difficult to de-code passwords (as long as you don’t forget your master password). Never store any of your passwords digitally on any computer or server. Be warry of free Wi-Fi Hotspots. Often in crowded public places, free Wi-Fi hotspots will appear in your…

Business Computer Network Security Tips – Part I

business computer network security

Like many in business computer network security is an important part of keeping your clients, customers and business data safe. Educating your administrative staff about in-house business computer network security policies goes a long way to make sure your security risks are minimized. Here are 5 Business Computer Network Security Tips Purchase a reputable antivirus software to be installed on the network, and install updates as soon as they are available. While this might seem obvious to most, many smaller businesses see this as an expense they can cut out when the budget is tight. Sadly, small businesses are no…

What is a Firewall?

First, like a physical firewall that is built into a building to keep an actual fire out, an effective computing firewall will filter out most unwanted malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware and a host of other unwanted visitors. Secondly, just like security tags in a high-end clothing store will set off an alarm at the door if the tag isn’t removed, an effective computing firewall also helps to keep sensitive information inside the intranet or your personal computer by alerting you if any programs or malware try to transmit your information to an outside source. Here are the basic components of…