Business Computer Network Security Tips – Pt II

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Business Computer Network Security Tips – Pt II

business computer network securityOur last post touched on the first five business computer network security tips for protecting your business’ digital data. You can read Part I here.

5 More Business Computer Network Security Tips

  • Use a password manager. Password managers act as a vault to store your passwords and can add an extra depth of security by auto-generating random, difficult to de-code passwords (as long as you don’t forget your master password). Never store any of your passwords digitally on any computer or server.
  • Be warry of free Wi-Fi Hotspots. Often in crowded public places, free Wi-Fi hotspots will appear in your available internet connections. Unfortunately not all of them are legitimate. Logging into the wrong one could easily compromise information on your mobile device, tablet or laptop. Paying for the ability to create your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot can circumvent this, as long as you’ve set up proper security on your own hotspot.
  • Always check for the HTTPS precursor before logging into account websites with sensitive information. The HTTPS will ensure you are logging onto a secure, encrypted website that is more difficult to hack. This is especially important if you are on an outside public network.
  • Don’t open email from someone you don’t know, especially when there is an attachment. Oftentimes malicious unsolicited email can have viruses attached, which can range from adware or spyware to full-blown viruses intent on destroying your digital data and hardware.
  • Managed Perimeter Firewall Protection. A managed firewall monitors network traffic 24/7 and is your first line of defense for business computer network security threats, protecting against things like worms, Trojans, and other network-based threats.

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