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Have a Backup for Two-Factor Authentication

Backup for Two Factor Authentication

Security for your accounts has become more advanced as hackers have become more creative. Unfortunately, with each new advancement comes new problems. Two-factor authentication is a security feature that most accounts give you the option for. It’s a combination of something you know (a password or passcode), and usually a secondary device that you have (typically your smartphone.) What happens when you lose your phone? You need to have a backup for two-factor authentication. Why You Need a Backup for Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) A perfect example of why you need a backup for two-factor authentication would be losing your smart…

Do These Simple Things to Enhance Your Mobile Device Security

mobile device security

Our cell phones are some of our most important electronic devices because we use them daily to check our messages, emails, financial accounts, and stay connected to our family and friends. A mobile phone usually contains a high volume of personal data and  information ranging from photos and videos to access to our banks and financial information. It’s important you take mobile device security precautions to protect this information. Most accounts with enhanced security system often use a two-factor authentication system, meaning they call or text you a security code that they then use to verify your identity. Because of this, it…

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication

It’s no longer enough to just have secure passwords or a password vault to protect your online accounts. Now days, two factor authentication is implemented on just about every major platform, but you might be wondering, “What is two factor authentication?” What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)? Two factor authentication requires an account holder to verify their identity by entering two pieces of information instead of one to login to their account. For example, to login to your email, you may be required to enter your password and then also enter a code that was sent via SMS to your…

What You Need to Know About Cloudbleed


If you remember what happened with the Heartbleed Bug back in 2014, the latest internet data security threat resembles that of Heartbleed. In fact, its name was adopted after the person discovered it commented on the similarities in the security vulnerability. What is Cloudbleed? Cloudbleed was a vulnerability discovered in the Cloudflare software coding, which accidentally leaked sensitive information collected from more than 5.5 million websites that used Cloudflare. The vulnerability may have been leaking information from as far back as September 2016 until it was discovered February 18, 2017. Currently, there is no evidence that the bug was discovered…

I Forgot My Wi-Fi Password – Wi-Fi Password Retrieval

Wi-fi password retrieval

If you’ve forgotten or don’t know your Wi-Fi password but are needing to add a device to the wireless network, don’t panic just yet. There are two easy ways for Wi-Fi password retrieval that might help and don’t require you to make any phone calls. Wi-Fi Password Retrieval Like most people, you may not have ever changed the super long default password that came with your router. If the password has never been changed, Wi-Fi password retrieval is easy because it’s typically found on the side of the router. If it isn’t there, it’s likely in the documentation that came…