What is Two Factor Authentication?

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What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor AuthenticationIt’s no longer enough to just have secure passwords or a password vault to protect your online accounts. Now days, two factor authentication is implemented on just about every major platform, but you might be wondering, “What is two factor authentication?”

What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two factor authentication requires an account holder to verify their identity by entering two pieces of information instead of one to login to their account. For example, to login to your email, you may be required to enter your password and then also enter a code that was sent via SMS to your personal cell phone. It requires that you set up this feature before you can use it.

Is SMS Two Factor Authentication Secure?

It’s more secure than not using any form of two factor authentication. SMS can be intercepted, but it’s less likely that your average hacker would go through the trouble unless you were being targeted.

What are Alternatives to SMS Two Factor Authentication?

Some accounts will ask for additional identification along with your password, such as answers to security questions or an ID number, while some are complex enough to require a biometric ID such as a fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition. Key fobs or smart cards might also be used for some application.

Another option that is becoming more popular are apps like Authy, which generate a security token for your account which is good for only 30 seconds, after which you would be required to request a new code. Apps like Authy are easy to use and worth checking into.

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