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VPNFilter Malware Attack – Take These Steps RIGHT NOW

The latest malware attack is after your router; the box used to connect your home or office to the internet. It’s called VPNFilter, and even the FBI is requesting your help in stopping the spread. It’s estimated that nearly half a million routers have been affected. What is Malware? Malware, such as VPNFilter, is malicious software intended to disable, damage, control or infiltrate a computer, computer component and sometimes entire networks. The latest VPNFilter malware targets your internet router, collects communication information, and gives hackers a significant amount of control to anything connected to your internet router. Is My Router…

Things You Should Know About Your Network Security

Network Security

Technology has transformed the world we live in. Every organization and company needs to protect its network so that proprietary information can stay safe from any type of cyber-attack. Network security is also beneficial for your personal information, especially if your use your network for both personal and business purposes. Therefore, there are several things you should know about your network’s security and how you can protect yourself from cyber-attacks and breaches. What You Should Know About Network Security Network security encompasses all activities that are intended to ensure the integrity and functionality of your network and data, including hardware…

What Happens When Big Companies Have Breaches in Data Security?

data security

We use technology for almost every aspect in our lives. As we have moved into an age where we can do almost everything online and remotely, more sites and accounts require us to share our personal information. Data security has become an increasing concern. Even if we take precautions and only share our information with trusted sites, hackers and identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated and have been able to steal personal information and data from major companies. But what happens to the consumer when companies have breaches in data security? How Does Data Security Work? A collective of state…

Be Sure Your Computer is Protected with Windows Updates

computer is protected with windows updates

With the latest discovered computer security threats, it’s time for a Windows update checkup. If your computer hasn’t received the January 3rd security updates, you might be running an unsupported antivirus program. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your computer is protected with Windows updates. Check Status and Update Your Antivirus Microsoft has only released the latest updates for installation to computers running compatible antivirus software. The reason for this is that a number of AV software programs have a compatibility issue with the newest Windows update that causes stop errors, making the device unable to boot….

Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerabilities

Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

The latest in technological news presents two new security vulnerabilities affecting a wide range of computer systems. Both the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are a hardware issue and exploit the way that certain processors operate. The Meltdown Security Vulnerability The Meltdown security vulnerability affects various microprocessors, as well as impacting some cloud services and smart mobile devices. The Meltdown security vulnerability essentially breaks through a security process, giving a rogue process permissions to access all memory, with or without authorization, and it goes undetected when executed. Microsoft issued emergency security updates for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 on January 3,…

KRACK Attack – WiFi Vulnerability

Krack Vulnerability

The latest in technology security threats comes in the form of KRACK Attack, which stands for Key Reinstallation Attacks. The KRACK Attack vulnerability affects nearly all WPA and modern WPA2 WiFi protocols. What is the KRACK Attack Vulnerability? The KRACK vulnerability takes advantage of what’s called the “4-Way Handshake.” When someone tries connect to a network, the 4-Way Handshake negotiates a fresh encryption key. This key will attempt to install on the third step of the 4-Way Handshake protocol, which is when a potential hacker comes in and tries to manipulate the key. How Do You Protect Your WiFi Devices?…

Best Way to Back Up a Computer

Back up a Computer

With the current technological threats to data compromise, it’s important to back up your computer. Even if you’re very careful with how you expose your computer to these threats, there’s always a chance that your hard drive could be exposed to ransomware, viruses, software bugs, or random hardware failure. What’s the best way to back up a computer? Back Up a Computer – Protect Your Personal Files While your system files are relatively easy to restore, your personal files are not. These files are usually irreplaceable, and must be backed up to protect them. You might also consider backing up…

How Do I Check for Windows Updates Manually on My PC?

check for windows updates manually

Windows updates are an important part of securing your computer. Updates are released regularly to ensure you’re protected from the latest digital threats. If you don’t have automatic updates installed, you might be wondering how to check for Windows updates manually. How To Check for Windows Updates Manually Checking for security updates is simple. Select the search bar at the bottom left of the computer and type in “check for updates”. The first option should take you right to the Windows Update page if you’re using Windows 10, or the Control Panel for Windows 7. The information displayed on both…

What You Need to Know About Cloudbleed


If you remember what happened with the Heartbleed Bug back in 2014, the latest internet data security threat resembles that of Heartbleed. In fact, its name was adopted after the person discovered it commented on the similarities in the security vulnerability. What is Cloudbleed? Cloudbleed was a vulnerability discovered in the Cloudflare software coding, which accidentally leaked sensitive information collected from more than 5.5 million websites that used Cloudflare. The vulnerability may have been leaking information from as far back as September 2016 until it was discovered February 18, 2017. Currently, there is no evidence that the bug was discovered…

Technology Privacy Tips – The Glass Room

technology privacy tips

A recent article on Yahoo describes a temporary location that was set up late December in New York to help demonstrate to everyday people what very little privacy they have when it comes to technology. We are surrounded by technology everywhere you turn, and oftentimes we don’t really consider the risks of using this technology. At the end, we’ll give you a few technology privacy tips to help reduce the virtual threats of living in today’s modern world. The Glass Room – Privacy Shock Several artists participated in the Glass Room project. One of the displays entitled “Forgot Your Password?”…