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How Cream Cheese Reminds Us About Cyber Security

Recently, we have seen a large-scale cyber attack on one of the biggest cheese manufacturers in the country. This event is a good reminder to business owners to address their own company cyber security. Cybercrime is on the rise in America, with more than 143 million Americans affected by cybercrime in 2017, according to the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report. CCSI has cyber security experts that can not only help you with this issue but provide cyber protection for your business as a whole. Contact us today to learn more.

Cyber Criminals Steal The Cheese

The cyber security of the biggest cheese manufacturer in the country, Schreiber Foods in Wisconsin, has been compromised. According to the authorities, cybercriminals have infiltrated their systems and produced false invoices for more than four million dollars worth of cream cheese. The cybercriminals succeeded in sending about 800 tons of cream cheese to different processing companies where they were accepted as real orders. After some time, these processing companies realized that they had already received more product than they ordered or even needed which made them question if something unusual was happening here.

The cybercriminal group has its origin in Russia according to cyber security experts who analyzed some of the software that was installed on the infiltrated computers at Schreiber Foods. Most likely, these cybercriminals are trying to obtain strategic company details for future cyber extortion purposes since they failed to steal any money from the cheese manufacturer’s bank accounts.

Also, Schreiber officials assured cream cheese consumers that there is no danger to public health or safety involved here but reminded everybody that only products with expiration dates later than November 21st should be consumed because cream cheese may spoil.

The Importance of Cyber Security

This incident is a great example of how any company large or small is vulnerable in cyberspace. The cybercriminals, in this case, were able to breach the cyber security of Schreiber Foods and conduct cyber espionage by collecting information about their operations which they then used against them.

One of the cyber security experts at Verizon Enterprise Solutions stated: “This is a great example on how cyber-crime can have an immediate effect on companies’ business operations. I fear we will see more and more cases like these in the future.”

2022 Business Goal

Want to find out what cyber security threats your business is most vulnerable to? 

Companies all over the US might want to step up cyber security if they want to avoid similar circumstances in the future. In 2022, increasing cyber security seems like an important goal for companies and enterprises alike. Is cyber security perhaps one of your goals for this new year?

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