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Three Ways You Can Still Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

While the official free windows 10 upgrade is no longer available, there are still a few legitimate ways you can get a free Windows 10 upgrade. Use Windows Assistive Technologies Those who utilize Windows assistive technologies still have access to a free Windows 10 upgrade until December 31, 2017. Windows assistive technologies include usage of any of the enhanced features which make Windows easier to use, like magnifiers and screen readers. They do not specify which ones qualify for the offer, nor do they check to see which features you do use. It’s based on the honor system and you…

What You Need to Know about the New Windows 10 Release

Windows 10

Get ready for tomorrow, July 29, 2015, when Microsoft will release the new Windows 10 operating system to 190 countries across the world. Things To Know About The Latest Microsoft Operating System Here are some of the highlights about the new Windows 10 that we know: The new Microsoft browser has been given its official name for the new Windows 10 release: the Microsoft Edge. It was formerly known as “Project Spartan”. A FREE upgrade will be available to those users who currently run Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. The catch? You have to upgrade your operating…