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5 Tech Items to Skip on Amazon

5 tech items to skip on amazon

Amazon has become the new time- and money-saver for holiday shoppers, but it lacks the ability to “touch and feel” or test out a product before purchase. So, before you hop online to place any orders, here are 5 tech items to skip on Amazon. 5 Tech Items to Skip on Amazon Big Ticket Items – Many retail stores are offering some fantastic deals on larger ticket items to get you in the door. You’ll be able to see these items in person to see if it’s something you’ll like. Purchasing something like this on Amazon might save you money,…

Ten Risks of Information Technology in Small Business

Small businesses today depend on Computer Technology to run almost every aspect of their companies. Given the stakes, it is critical to insure that your information technology infrastructure is protected. Thanks to advances that have made information technology more powerful yet less expensive, even
the smallest business can enjoy capabilities – in everything from marketing and sales to delivery and fulfillment – that were once the sole domain of large corporations. It is our experience that 90% of all small businesses have significant undetected system vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities expose your business to downtime, data loss or unauthorized access to your company’s…