VPNFilter Malware Attack – Take These Steps RIGHT NOW

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VPNFilter Malware Attack – Take These Steps RIGHT NOW

Malware AttackThe latest malware attack is after your router; the box used to connect your home or office to the internet. It’s called VPNFilter, and even the FBI is requesting your help in stopping the spread. It’s estimated that nearly half a million routers have been affected.

What is Malware?

Malware, such as VPNFilter, is malicious software intended to disable, damage, control or infiltrate a computer, computer component and sometimes entire networks. The latest VPNFilter malware targets your internet router, collects communication information, and gives hackers a significant amount of control to anything connected to your internet router.

Is My Router Affected by the VPNFilter Malware Attack?

There are several published lists of routers which are potentially affected (such as Linksys, Netgear, Mikrotik, QNAP, and TP Link), however, there’s no easy way of knowing whether or not your router has been infected, or whether there are more routers affected that aren’t yet identified on the list. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to take these steps anyway:

  • Reset your router to factory default settings. If you have trouble, refer to your router brand’s website for help.
  • Upgrade the firmware on your device.
  • Change the default password, and make it strong.
  • Check to make sure that remote administration is disabled on your device. It typically is disabled by default, however, it’s important to make sure.

Why Just Rebooting Isn’t Enough

There are three stages to the infection:

Initial installation, attack execution, and installation of several plugins to monitor and control items on the network.

Restarting your router won’t remove the malware; it simply resets it back to stage one, keeping your router and network vulnerable to stages two and three.

The Take-Home

As long as there are malicious people and evolving technology, your computer and network will always be vulnerable to a future malware attack or virus. Always install your updates promptly to minimize the chances of data loss and damage.

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