Signs Your Computer Might Be Infected with Computer Virus

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Signs Your Computer Might Be Infected with Computer Virus

Over the last several decades, computers and technology have certainly evolved as both our hardware and software becomes faster and more efficient. But viruses have also evolved. With computers, you know they can slow down or need to be restarted but how do you know if the problem, is deeper and that your computer may be infected with a virus? Here are some warning signs that your may have a computer virus

computer virus

Your send messages you didn’t write. Most viruses infect computers, then try to spread the virus to as many computers and users as possible. As such they often send messages from your computer from your email or even social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. If this has happened to you, it is likely that your computer is infected.

There are too many pop-up ads. Most browsers are equipped to block pop-up ads, but if you are experiencing pop-up ads even when your browser is closed, it is likely that you may have a computer virus.

Your programs run slow or you cannot access program or tools. Most times, if a program stops responding or is slow you can ctrl+alt+delete and the task manager can tell you what is going on with your programs and computer. If you are unable to pull up the task manager or receive an error message, this is likely the result of a computer virus.

These are all obvious signs that there may be a computer virus or something is wrong with your computer, but many times a virus can cause no noticeable symptoms. In most cases, security virus software can help remedy the problem or help protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.