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What are IT Managed Services?

At CCSI, we have three IT Managed Service plans to make sure your business has all the essentials without having any hidden costs. We have the latest device monitoring and management tools to foresee most network issues before they happen. So you don’t have to wait for a problem to occur first before fixing it — saving you time and money. 

Managed IT Services Solutions

IT managed services offer round-the-clock work support and services to help keep your business running whenever anything goes wrong. Working with a dedicated IT services team can tackle any problem from viruses and malware to network monitoring. Your team can focus on the needs of your organization rather than keeping your network environment stable.

Server Monitoring

Server infrastructure is the most critical component of a client’s network where all of a business’ data lives. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) helps monitor your network and any attached servers 24/7/365. Server Monitoring will look for issues with disk space, paging file issues, memory, RAID arrays, and more. 

Remote Support

Part of our IT Managed Services also includes installing a secure remote control agent on each computer. The secure remote control agent will allow engineers the ability to remotely support machines with or without end-user interaction. Also, remote support allows our clients to share their desktop to work with their clients or demo a service they provide to potential clients.

Network Monitoring

Monitoring and managing services and desktops are an essential part of IT Managed Services. But at CCSI we also monitor various other devices like copiers, routers, and switches on the same network. We’ll make sure you never have to worry about keeping everything working together again.

Work With CCSI’s IT Managed Services Team

These are only a few services our team of experienced professionals offers for Managed Services. We also offer three plans to fit your budget while offering the most comprehensive IT services. To learn more visit our Managed IT Services page or contact us.

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