Increase employee productivity with gym membership benefitsHappy employees make happy customers, but how do you make happy employees? Sometimes the answer doesn’t have to cost the company a lot of dollars per employee. Some studies are finding that you can make a happier workforce and increase employee productivity with gym membership benefits under what’s being dubbed as “Company Wellness Programs”.

Proven “ROI” is estimated to be around $3 for every $1 spent on company wellness programs, and according to this article, one study showed an average savings of $650 per employee!

(Here’s another article about a company who used a company wellness program to increase employee productivity with gym membership benefits).

How Can Company Wellness Programs Increase Employee Productivity with Gym Membership Benefits?

Reduce Illness and Injuries – When employees have incentive to take care of themselves, they are likely to have more energy, strength and stamina, reducing the chances of incurring a workplace injury or getting sick. More time at work means better employee productivity.

Better Employee Retention – Exercise and health has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. When employees are happy, they are less likely to seek out other jobs in hopes that it will make them happier. Less turnover means more focus on productivity and moving forward.

Increase Mental Stamina – Mental health is closely tied to physical health, and when we mean mental health in this context, we mean the ability to focus, problem solve, and think clearly on the job.

Boosts Office Morale – Employees who spend time with one another outside of work get along better and develop a sense of comradery. “Gym buddies” will encourage one another

Helps Manage Stress – Exercise is known to help manage stress hormones that can interfere with productivity and happiness at work.

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