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Essential Communication Tools for Newly Remote Workers


Essential Communication Tools for Newly Remote Workers


Over the last several months, many businesses have begun a transition to remote work. Some have even gone so far as to completely remove in-office work. While there are many advantages to remote work, it also presents many new challenges for communication and collaboration between employees. And so, in this article, we will share 5 incredible tools that are part of cloud-based telephone frameworks, helping to encourage cooperation and efficiency for distant workers.


Virtual Phones: Freedom to Call


With a VoIP Phone System, you can make calls through the web. With VoIP, your representatives get greater adaptability with a telephone they can use anywhere. Unlike work telephones or IP telephones, remote representatives can use web telephones anywhere, making calls and taking advantage of an extensive array of tools and applications. With both webphones and versatile applications, representatives can utilize their extension anyplace as long as they have an active web connection. With VoIP, remote and locally situated representatives can call from work lines, and they can oversee inbound calls for deals or client service lines. For representatives, it’s essential to not use their personal number and to utilize a work line for better security and quality control.


It might seem simpler to use a cell phone while working remotely but in the long run, having a communication solution designed for professional use pays off. VoIPs versatile applications are easy to use, and representatives can keep their personal and work calls separate. Mobile applications include things like:


Organization registry

Call gathering

Music on hold

Call recording

Do not disturb(DND)


The virtual phone is incorporated with VoIP UI, for the individuals who want to work from their PC. You can make calls utilizing your PC’s receiver or with a headset. You don’t have to download anything to use the virtual phone, simply your username and password to sign in on most websites.


Live Reporting: Real-time information


With Network Reports, you can see all the dynamic telephone lines and calls continuously. You can see the number of specialists active and what they are doing at all times. With this inside and out data, you can oversee representatives and improve client experience. VoiP services also show you an in-depth look at call analytics and usage patterns, allowing your business to better adapt to peak call hours.


Record Calls


Another great option built in to assist your remote representatives is call recording. VoiP systems can provide your business with real-time call recordings, organized in a convenient dashboard that allows for easy playback of any previously recorded calls. This allows managers to review important information and provide representatives with better feedback and training. 


Virtual Faxes


It isn’t often one has the opportunity to send a fax these days, but VoiP provides a modern solution here as well. Virtual faxes allow you to store documents online where they are easily visible and accessible. Gone are the days of carefully feeding paper into a fax machine, only to have the document come out looking like a grainy photo of the Loch Ness Monster. Digital faxes provide remote workers with a convenient and secure way to send legible faxes from anywhere.


Better Communication, Better Employees


Let’s face it; remote work can get a little lonely. The increased collaboration and communication provided by VoiP services can help to alleviate some of that. While by no means a substitute for genuine human interaction, the connection gained through the use of technology can go a long way to improving the lives of remote workers. Increased teamwork can often lead to increased productivity. And in the end, improving communication between employees and clients is better for everyone; be they employee, employer, or valued customer. 


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