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What does your Email do for you?


In this strange and ever-changing world we live in, email has become more important than ever. Email is usually one of the last things we think about for our business but it’s one of the most important lines of communication with our customers. Many companies will just use a Gmail email for their business, but did you know your IT company can help set up a professional email for your domain? CCSI can provide added layers of security for spam filters and email delivery. Even if an employee clicks a link with a virus, our security can prevent it from running.

Not all email providers are created equal. You might see your cheap web hosting comes with add-on email services that almost seem free. But these are contained in the same area as your website files, so if your website gets hacked, it takes down your email. On the flip side, if your email gets hacked, it can affect your website. This is typically when you see those emails coming from someone’s domain you did business with. A few days later and the owner sends the email of shame, begging for your forgiveness and informing you that their email was hacked.

We provide email that is stand alone and separate from your website files. Our email services, like Microsoft Office 365, help your organization run smoothly, and vanity domain names let your clients and associates know you mean business.

If you’re still using that email address for your business, it’s time to let us help you.  CCSI can provide you a company domain name email and all the security benefits of working with a professional IT provider.  Contact CCSI Today to talk about your business email needs.

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