Basic Computer Training for Your Employees

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Basic Computer Training for Your Employees

computer trainingMost employers assume that their employees know how to turn on a computer and utilize basic computer programs, such as word processing and web-based or exchange service email, but sadly, this is not always the case. In a computerized world full of viruses, worms, and Trojans which target lesser-informed users, it has become extremely important to make sure you bring your employees up to speed with computer training on the technology used in your office.

Even if a computer competency test was given during the interview process, employers pose a higher risk to their networks if they don’t establish clear usage guidelines, as well as training for new employees upon hire or changes in the office programs. Secondly, employers also put their company at risk for expensive and cumbersome workers’ compensation stress claims should one of their employees complain that they did not obtain proper on-the-job training. Establishing training programs and making this training available to anyone who requests help can prove to be invaluable if someone were to file a stress claim.

By clearly defining policies for what is considered appropriate work computer usage, you can greatly diminish security issues caused by things like careless employee downloads or clicking on inappropriate links. For companies whose information is especially sensitive, consider outlining the policies in writing for your employees to sign and keep on file as a reminder to them of what is expected.

Making sure that your employees have access to basic and company-specific program training will encourage a more productive work environment and reduce stress caused by computer incompetence.