Best Way to Back Up a Computer

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Best Way to Back Up a Computer

Back up a ComputerWith the current technological threats to data compromise, it’s important to back up your computer. Even if you’re very careful with how you expose your computer to these threats, there’s always a chance that your hard drive could be exposed to ransomware, viruses, software bugs, or random hardware failure. What’s the best way to back up a computer?

Back Up a Computer – Protect Your Personal Files

While your system files are relatively easy to restore, your personal files are not. These files are usually irreplaceable, and must be backed up to protect them. You might also consider backing up your system settings to save you a step if you have to restore your computer.

Best Way to Back Up a Computer – Your Options

  • Use an External Drive – Windows 10 and 8 users can use the File History feature while Windows 7 can use Windows Backup. Back it up regularly. The downfall is that if you lose your computer due to theft or damage, and your external drive is stored with your computer, you lose it all.
  • Internet Back Up – Back up services charge a monthly fee to back up your files. The backups may take longer and you are paying a fee, but they are a much safer bet than using an external drive.
  • Cloud Storage Service – This is technically not a backup service, but it will save your important files in the cloud instead of on your PC, effectively protecting your files. There are also fees associated with this type of service but it’s a convenient, fast and secure way to store your important files.

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