What is the Safest Internet Browser?


What is the Safest Internet Browser?

Safest Internet BrowserWhen it comes to browsing the internet, safety is a concern for protecting your computer. You may have wondered, what is the safest internet browser? Let’s take a closer look.
NSS Labs Study – Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
An independent study by NSS Labs has been used to tout that Microsoft Edge is the leader for internet browsing safety when it comes to socially engineered malware (SEM). While all three browsers use a method to check web pages and applications against a list of known threats and warn users of potential threats, this study suggests that Microsoft Edge keeps the most comprehensive and updated lists when compared to the other two browsers.

Does this Mean that Microsoft Edge Really is the Safest Internet Browser? Let’s Look at a Few More Security Features.

  1. Automatic Updates

Both Chrome and Firefox have implemented automatic updates, and they update often. Developers are constantly patching and making security improvements that only take effect for those who download and install the updates. Microsoft Edge also has updates, but they are bundled with the Windows updates and aren’t released quite as often as Chrome and Firefox. The other downfall is that your computer must be restarted for the updates to take effect.

  1. Sandboxing

Sandboxing is a technique browsers use to break up each of the browser’s components to run as individual processes. This not only plays out as better performance on the newer multi-core processors, but also is effective at making malicious coding much more difficult to spread outside of the infected process. Both Chrome and Edge use fully-implemented sandboxing techniques, while Firefox is in the process of fully implementing sandboxing techniques this year.

  1. Privacy

While all three of the browsers we’ve discussed implement a privacy mode, Firefox currently has an advantage with privacy. Their Tracking Protection is designed to identify and remove known tracking elements while in private browsing mode. It’s also worth noting that both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome make profit from selling targeted ads and tracking, which could potentially be seen as a conflict of interest for improving privacy features, while Firefox makes no profit off of these.

Which Company Offers the Safest Internet Browser?

Each browser has its merits, but currently, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome offer similar security features, with Mozilla Firefox making quick progress to catch up in areas known to have deficiencies. The takeaway, however, is that you cannot rely solely on technology to keep you protected from malicious attempts on your data and computer, like avoiding phishing scams, installing antivirus software, and backing up your data.