5 habits of respected leadersManaging a team of individuals can be challenging, and at times, downright frustrating. Being a leader is often a thankless job and sometimes can feel like you’re trying to reign in a crowd of kindergartners. Becoming a better leader almost always creates a better team. Here are 5 habits of respected leaders in the workplace to help get you started.


5 Habits of Respected Leaders


  • Value Your Employees – This means to be real with your employees and make a focused effort to compliment them on their strengths and guide them in a direction which capitalizes on those strengths.
  • Connect with Your Employees – Be authentic with your employees. If sharing some of your prior struggles in an area helps encourage one of your employees to keep going, share it.
  • Choose Your Battles – Not every project needs to be micromanaged. Give your employees the tools they need to complete a task and trust them to produce the end result without you having to cross their “T”s and dot their “I”s. Offer help and suggestions only when asked or as absolutely necessary.
  • Communicate in Their Language and Be Humble – Learning to be tactful and respectful when it comes to correction goes a long way. Employees are more apt to strive to make those changes if they feel like they are being coached over feeling like they are being disciplined.
  • Don’t Complain in Front of Employees – This goes for anything – even work-related issues. Complaining may come across as an inability for you to handle your job or life itself. Employees want to feel confident that their leaders are in control.

Try implementing these 5 habits of respected leaders in your office to see how it can improve your team’s productivity.

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